Client: Terem



The «Assortment» commercial is an example of how you can stand out from your competitors and the entire TV ad block using fundamentally new visual solutions based on 3D graphics. «Assortment» became the main commercial in a series of graphic videos created by the production company Perspective Pro. for brand "Terem".
The key decision for the entire advertising campaign was to abandon the shooting story in favor of producing fully graphic videos. This decision was not easy for both the production and the brand itself, since changing the approach and tone of advertising communication entails very high risks.

These risks and the fear of the unknown force companies to repeatedly use the same communication techniques in advertising: use recognizable faces, rely on emotions, hype or direct consumer needs. In our video the emphasis was placed on visual images and the main task was to build communication with the audience through these images.

Of course, the client's tasks could be solved using a standard advertising message, but in Perspective Pro we were sure that «Terem» as a brand is able to convey communication at a higher level than before and that the company is ready to take risks by showing the audience something fundamentally new. Therefore, we decided to approach the production from an unusual side.

The goal was to use a visual tool such as computer graphics not just to convey a certain offer for the range of houses, but to do it at the level of the idea of a Dream House.

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Client: Terem