Series of Commercials

Client: SKB-Bank


The first client agency came to us to shoot three videos for SKB Bank. Two actors from a popular Russian series "Police officer from Rublyovka" Alexandra Bortich and Roman Popov were chosen as main heroes for this commercial. We did not make an ad, but a three-episode series. Much attention was paid to pre-production, development of locations and images of heroes to create a unified style. We did three full 12-hour shooting shifts and prepared a T\/ version in less than two weeks.
Here's what the client told us about our work:

"Such a great and productive experience! We have great hope for this advertising" - Elena Belyaeva from SKB Bank.

"A large team of very cool professionals" Daniil Maryinsky, the First Client Agency.


Nikolay Novikov, General producer
Sokolov Anton, Director
Grigory Apalyais, DOP
Ekaterina Kiseleva, Executive producer
Victoria Aleksandrovskaya, Line producer
Maksim Gasaniv, Focus puller
Victor Ronzhin, Gaffer
Serafim Salnikov, Color correction

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