Client: Sakhalin Energy



The main idea of this image video is to reveal the connection of the company and its employees with the ancient and sacred: when power, spirit and energy of the past make the present better. To understand that working at the very edge of the earth is not just about renunciation and worn out work equipment. This is about people and worldview, about the event horizon and how you don't have to rush to feel the life around you.
Hard work on the island cannot be compensated by simply filling out the paper — here you need to have willpower. It is important to show the people of «Sakhalin Energy», because they know that it is impossible to drown out the goal. These are not corporate slogans of «specialists at the cooler», but of strong men, for whom success is not contained in the pages of reports — it is in early ascents, in harsh conditions, in constant determination.


Alexey Kupriyanov, Director of Photography
Nikolay Novikov, Producer
Igor Volkov, The Copter
Alexandr Lubenko, Production Manager
Ekaterina Kiseleva, Line producer
Anton Zverev, Second Director
Anton Ionov, Focusser
Sergey Starostin, Camera
Trehmer, CG
Nazim Jalalov, head of CG
Artem Leonov, Color Correction

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