Client: Polina Gagarina




While workinh on this music video, we used a similar shooting technology that was used at the Expo 2017 project. The key difference in the production was the allegorical images of the performer on the projection, where she saw herself. The complex production atmosphere, which conveyd the meaning of the artist's text in game shooting, was embodied by Director Alexey Kupriyanov and producer Nikolai Novikov.
The performer shared her opinion about the shooting on her Instagram:

I hasten to share with you these unusual facts from the «Disarmed» shooting:
  • We were filmimg for 56 hours and one night;
  • We drank 7 liters of coffee and 1 bottle of champagne;
  • I ran a total of 700-800 meters, about 250 of them in 15 cm heels, can you imagine! Who knows, maybe I broke the record?;
  • More than 2000 flashlights were lit and none of them broke;
  • We ran away from the police and are still waiting for them to come for us;
  • During the filming the track was played 79 times! Now do you understand why I don't listen to my songs?;
  • I was lying on the concrete in a silk dress for 2 hours! I could do it longer, but the shooting was over;
  • We scattered 17 kilograms of snow but did not make a single snowman;
  • I cried 4 times and one of them was not on purpose;
  • I changed my outfit 3 times and took off my fur coat from @aartamon;
  • Finally, I got undressed...

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