Client: Continental



The team was tasked with creating a bright and dynamic video for the German company Continental, the world's largest manufacturer of premium tires, automotive electronics and other components. The commercial would have to match the product and its status.
Due to technological visual solutions, we tried to make the video relevant both for the brand and for our time in general. A red laser, a spacious minimalist hangar, an LED screen with lightning flashes and a cloudy curtain, as well as lighting patterns built for each setup helped us achieve the necessary dynamics of the entire video sequence.
We show the heroes at the moment when they make a strong-willed, perhaps life-determining, decision; take a step towards your goal, «crossing the line».
The story begins with a car and a product claim as a symbol of the reliability and courage needed to achieve results. Then, one by one, we present our diverse characters, who are connected by a single goal - to gain strength and confidence by stepping through a visual barrier.


Adwise, Agency
Perspective Pro., Production
Nikolai Novikov, General producer
Irina Persikova, Executive Producer
Anastasia Sememova, Producer assistant
Anastasia Teplinskaya and Dmitry Berger, Cast
Oleg Kozhekin, Stuntman
Georgy Tarasov and Vladimir Ivanov, Directors
Kesha Khudimov, 1AD
Georgy Golitsyn, Artist
Ekaterina Baranova, Stylist
Asya Porokh, Makeup
Misha Lastovetsky, Director
Alexey Khorkov, Deputy Director
Artem Danilchenko, Administrator
Alexey Morozychev, Gaffer
Akim Solonko, Focus puller
Stas Novikov, Mechanic
PAAP rental, Camera
Maksimov Platon, FPV drone
Welcomepoint, LED screens
Евгений Сорокин, SFX
Ilya Naidis, Site installation/Installation
Kirill Khandurin, Installation
Alexander Zolotarev, Colorist
Tim Aminov, Composer

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