Northern valley

Client: Glavstroy-SPb



This project was the first directorial experience for Andrey Maika who was previously known as one of the best cinematographers in our country. The creative part was provided by the client at the stage of the tender. The main feature was an effect called «match-cut» — spectacular transitions from one frame to another. From the point of pre-production view the project had one main difficulty - the houses from the residential complex Severnaya Dolina, which were the subject of advertising, have not been built yet. According to the project they were going to build balconies with an unusual panoramic design, but exact technical characteristics didn’t exist at the time of shooting. Also, the scenery had to be created outside the pavilion. The Art Department’s work was appreciated not only by the Director, but also by the client. Pseudo-balcony was able to endure the piercing St. Petersburg rain, disassembly and reassembly.
In addition to several versions of videos our company also carried out a parallel photo shoot of the main characters while shooting. Many thanks to the photographer Vladimir Sivertsev. He also appeared in the video when it turned out that previously chosen actor didn’t suit at all.


Ekaterina Kiseleva and Nikolay Novikov, Producers
Andrey Maika, Director / Director of Photography
Michael Tulanian, Production Manager
Catherine Lapatina, 1st Assistant Director
Alexey Garikovich, Production Designer
Kirill Khandurin and Nikolai Tokarev, Installers
Trehmer, CG
Artem Leonov, Color Correction
Vladimir Sivertsev, Photographer

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