True Color Campaign 2023

Client: Divage



The commercial for Divage had to be light, close and understandable for every female customer. That's why it is based on sketches from everyday life, which we all encounter on a daily basis. When choosing the main character of the video, we decided to cooperate with Alla Mikheeva. Her easy acting and warm personality proved to be the key to the perfect balance of visual and semantic. The video was directed by Zhenya Kazankina. Unlike the “standard” approach to cosmetics advertising, we decided to use a cold color palette as a basis, which helped to highlight both the warm, textured product and Alla's soft appearance.


Alla Mikheeva, Celebrity
Zhenya Kazankina, Director
Dima Vollmer, DoP
Polina Trofimova, 1AD
Nikolay Novikov, Executive producer
Anastasia Kazakova, Line Producer
Vasilisa Elpatievskaya, Line Producer
Vlad Surmach, Producer Assistant
Artem Danilchenko, Group Director
Olga Dyachkova, Location Manager
Vanya Tochilin, Location Manager
Hotel B60, Location
Artem Sikorsky, Installation
Tim Sitnikov, VFX
Dima Rebriev, 1st AC
Evgeniy Baranov, Gaffer
Daria Soldatova, Art Director
Antonina Lantsova, Production designer
Yulia Frolova (Mitrieva), Stylist
Vitu Moroz, Stylist assistant
Andrey Khudyakov, Color
Anna Rusinova, Muah
Elena Panafidina, Muah assistant
Alena Kondratieva, Actor
Anastasia Teplinskaya, Actor
Alexander Panov, Actor
Anastasia Lebedeva, Actor
Alla Serdyuk, Actor
Sergey Melnikov, Actor
Ivan Sveshnikov, Actor
Petr Novikov, Stunt coordinator
Anna Pustynnikova, FOOD stylist

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