Stand your ground. Move with us

Client: Business Line



Entrepreneurs would not be themselves if they did not stay true to themselves, their principles, their decisions, their intuition.They choose the best, whatever it takes, because they know that moving forward without it is impossible.They do not compromise, they stand their ground.They know what will really ensure their development.This is what their movement is all about. Standing in order to move. This is the paradox of success.In the communication of "Business Lines" we will reveal the essence of this paradox, proving that the highest standards are shared and cherished by the real pros of their business.


Nikolay Novikov, General producer
Alexey Kupriyanov, Director-operator
Ekaterina Sherko, Producer
O'Connor Franklin, Second director
Vasily Arkhangelsky, Production designer
Anton Cronin, Props
Timonin Slava, Gaffer
Anastasia Mitina, Stylist
Nikolay Ivanov, Editor

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