Business Line

Client: Business Line



We were approached by the transport company "Delovye Linii" with the task of telling the viewer a story about the importance of delivery for business and how Delovye Linii takes care of each delivered package.
It is not so much the delivery process that comes to the fore here, but the meaning and love that are invested in it. The values and care of the company are the cargo that Delovye Linii delivers to customers.
The camera moves smoothly from macro shots of sketches, drawings, demos and textured materials to a general shot of the process of careful organization of delivery.
The main location of the video is not a technological production workshop, but a small cozy room in warm colors. We sought to recreate a lamp story about handicraft, about craftsmanship and about love for your craft through wooden details, warm light and cork boards. It was through careful work with location and light that we achieved a sense of intimacy in the frame and at the same time displayed the key message of the client - «every shipment is valuable».


Eradzh Nadoyev, Director
Ivan Lebedev, Operator
Nikolai Novikov, General producer
Diana Panicheskaya, Executive Producer
Aleksandr Zhukov, Producer assistant
Andrey Venkov, 1AD
Daria Denisova, Artist
Identikit, Сasting
Lada Gerasimova, Stylist
Roxana Elbonova, Makeup
Artyom Danilchenko, Director
Valentin Kashemirov, Deputy Director
Danya Varlamov, Administrator
Kirill Shkundin, Gaffer
Katya Zelenova, Focus puller
Misha Moiseev, Mechanic
Your Rental, Camera
Artyom Dmitriev, Installation
Maxim Mironov, Colorist
Yevgeniy Teylor, Composer
Nikita Deinego, CG

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