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Our video increased the brand awareness of the client by 15% in a month
In September 2020, we organized and filmed a promotional video for Bet Planet's football inspiration campaign. In the first month, the first positive results came in - brand awareness increased by 15% in key countries.
Revealing the key message
Initially, the client set a task: to bring the brand to the general public of African countries and with a subsequent exit to Europe. Based on the analysis of the sports preferences of the target audience, we have decided on the main message of the future campaign.
More than 500 Cameroonian footballers are known to play in the world championships from Inter in the Italian Serie A to the Indonesian second division. At the same time, the only championships in Africa where you can earn more or less decent money are the championships of South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Burkina Faso boasts only thirty legionnaires, mostly playing in the second divisions of France, Belgium and Germany. And Nigeria, for example, delegates more than a thousand football players to the championships of various countries and levels.
A footballer for the African man in the street is not just an athlete, it is status, money, power, to which almost everyone who can drive the ball across the lawn aspires.
The goal is simple: to make the potential spectator a part of the football match. Throw him several challenges at once: “Can you play like a champion? Can you join the team of successful athletes? Can you cope with this challenge?“
It was fundamentally important to define at the creative stage that we focus on football as a sport. This goal-setting later proved itself in focus groups.
World lockdown caused difficulties
When choosing a location, it was impossible to separate the brand from world football in order to reflect the prospects for growth in the top divisions of the world and lay the foundation for the continuation of the campaign to promote the brand in European countries. However, the key geographic regions are still African countries.
With such a scale of the upcoming filming, a global problem appeared: state restrictions of different countries on movement or gathering of people in public places due to the coronavirus pandemic.
We needed to gather an international team in one place. And even when everything was already ready for filming, there was no certainty that our director - Jason Bock - would be able to fly out of New Zealand.
In addition, at least 15 dynamic scenes were to be staged and filmed in various city locations, which had to be repeated over and over again. And in most cities at that time it was not allowed to gather in groups of more than 50 people.
The solution was suggested by the classic
An unexpected insight was prompted by the oversight of our specialists: we remembered the already classic video «Go With The Flaw» 2017 for Diesel. The video was directed by French director François Roussel, who previously worked on music videos for Snoop Dogg, Madonna and the Rolling Stones. For the filming of some episodes in this video, the unfinished Podolsky Bridge in Kiev was used.
In terms of geography, it was ideal for us! Kiev has a recognizable architecture, but also resembles many European cities. It will not be difficult to find a wide variety of locations typical for both European and large African cities.
In Kiev, according to the rules of local authorities, it was impossible to gather in groups of more than 50 people, and we only had teams and extras, there were about 300 people. Therefore, we went to the organizational and editing tricks: we had to divide the team into parts and spend much more time on rehearsals, the running crowds were filmed in parts and “glued together”, sometimes they deprived the operator of assistants, and the director ran scenes with stuntmen and athletes in closed rooms for several days before a decisive exit to nature. For the filming of a part of the video, an entire street in Kiev had to be blocked.
3 days to shoot, a month at the box office, 15% increase in brand awareness
It took a year and a half to develop the script, recruit the team and prepare for filming. The whole team spent 3 shooting shifts in Kiev, and then spent another 4 months on editing and post-production. And it was all worth it!
The video was shown on June 10 on all advertising media on TV and digital channels.
The business results obtained by the customer exceeded the established KPIs: in the first month alone, brand awareness increased by 15% in key African countries - Ghana and Madagascar. The video was sent to the company marketing departments in ten countries. Now it is being adapted for South Africa, Kenya and other states.
Our main result is the pleasure that we received overcoming all the difficulties that arose and finally making a product that, we are sure, can be safely included in the line of the most noticeable commercials of the year.


Jason Bock, Director
Todd Martin, Director of Photography
Nikolay Novikov, General producer
Karina Tateosyan, Executive Producer
Olga Skorodumova, Producer
Nikolay Novikov, Creaative Director
Yuriy Puchkov, Associate Creative Director
Evgeniy Shegolev, Copywriter
Alex Beglova, Junior Art Director
Slava Yakimov, Props Designer
Valera Piskunov, Designer
Viktoriia Klikunova, Producer
Production sercive, The Martini Shot
Nikita Kochkarev, Executive Producer
Alina Yatsyk, 1st AD
Lyudmila Salashchenko, Producer
Tanya Shevchuk, Producer
Kate Boyko, Bidding Producer & PA
Anna Kovalchuk, Production Assistant
Anastasiya Zatula, Production Assistant
Egor Kurishchenko, Team Assistant
Zhenya Shtuchka, 2nd AD
Sasha Drobot, Production Designer
Yarina Ivakhnenko, Props Master
Rostik Skalyga, Location Manager
Dina Golubeva, Stylist
Alisa Fun, Make Up Artist
Valentina Voytiuk, Make Up Assistant
Alena Lotra, Casting Director
Lyubomir Dezera, Extras Coordinator
Dima Vlokh, Football Trainer
Ilia Yurchishin, Stunts Coordinator
Natalia Yurchishina, Dog Handler
Olga Markova, SFX / Snow business
Viktor Petrenko, Making Of Video
Artem Nadezhdin, Making Of Photo
Nastya Puptseva, Production Manager
Ivan Shagapov, Set Administrator
Ilia Vartonyan, Focus Puller
Andrey Barsukov, Gaffer
Max Salo, Steadicam
Denis Korolev, Dolly
Sergey Vilchinsky, Playback
Bogdan Kakora, Drone Operator
Lena Kasumova, Clapper
Alexey Grishin, Postproduction Producer
Adam Nielsen, Editor
Alexey Ivanov, Tech. editor
Ricky Gausis, Colorist
Maxim Mironov, Colorist
Nikolay Palashchenko, VFX Art Director
Andrey Evdokimov, VFX Supervisor
Alexandr Gorokhov, VFX Producer
Tatyana Kirsanova, VFX Producer
Sergey Muraviev, CG Supervisor
Semyon Panfilov, Motion Graphics Supervisor
Dan Zolotarenko, On-set Supervisor
CGF LLC, CG and VFX Company
433 sound agency, Music & Sound Design

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