Bet Planet

Client: Bet Planet



Initially, the project sounded difficult - to link sports betting with a specific challenge. But when the discussion started and director Jason Bock got involved, it became clear that it was worth showing a new look.
The viewer sees the ball flying from side to side, the crowd is rapidly running forward. The jubilant fans add a competitive edge to everything that happens. “Can you play? Are you able to make a bet?"
The filming was organized at the height of the coronavirus quarantine throughout Europe. On the biggest day of filming, 300 people gathered on the set. But until the last day, everyone involved knew that the project might not take place at any time.
The request from Bet Planet was as follows: to bring the brand to new African markets, and then to enter Europe. After launching the campaign in just the first month, brand awareness increased by 15% in Ghana and Madagascar.


Jason Bock, Director
Todd Martin, Director of Photography
Nikolay Novikov, General producer
Karina Tateosyan, Executive Producer
Olga Skorodumova, Producer
Nikolay Novikov, Creaative Director
Yuriy Puchkov, Associate Creative Director
Evgeniy Shegolev, Copywriter
Alex Beglova, Junior Art Director
Slava Yakimov, Props Designer
Valera Piskunov, Designer
Viktoriia Klikunova, Producer

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